Birth Doula

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A doula is a trained professional who provides continuous physical, emotional, and informational support to a family before, during, and after childbirth. Jessica believes all families deserve support during birth, and supports all families and all birthing options with non-judgmental support. Jessica specializes in the intersection of trauma and birth.  But what does that mean? Many people have previous traumatic experiences throughout their lives, and these can strongly affect the emotional and even physiologic process of birth.  Fear changes our actual cells, but with the support of a knowledgeable professional, we can bring so much calm and healing to those tender spaces. Jessica believes it is a critical skill for doulas to know and understand the larger framework of social factors, know possible triggers, use a trauma informed model, and have real tools to support clients not just “survive,” but Thrive and Heal during their birthing process and as they enter parenthood. Jessica works with her clients to begin that healing during pregnancy, at the birth itself, and into postpartum.

Birth Doula services range between $1250-$2000. Packages include thorough in-home prenatal consultations, childbirth education, connecting you to resources, discussing your birth plan(s) and preferences, and providing emotional support. Jessica will also be available via text or email for any questions you have throughout your pregnancy.

Jessica has a very specialized prenatal session tailored to include four different birth plans.  First, we need a solid Plan A! Let’s dream and plan for that ideal birth! That Plan A is simply more likely to happen if we identify it and plan for it. It is also important to have a Plan B (induction), Plan C (cesarean), and an Emotional Birth Plan.  It is always better to have some backup plan and info just in case baby has alternative plans for their entry to the world, and that Emotional Birth Plan is arguably the most important piece of it all. Jessica will also cover a Postpartum Plan at the final prenatal visit.

When labor begins, Jessica will join you at your place of birth (home, hospital, or birth center), and remain with you throughout your entire birth. This includes assistance with comfort measures, emotional support for you and your family, positioning work for getting baby in that sweet spot for a smooth labor, and the comfort of being supported by a professional with years of knowledge and experience working in the birthing world.

Birth doula support comes to a close with a postpartum visit and follow-up, to help ease families into the postpartum period. See our Postpartum Doula tab for more information on continued services.

There are many statistical impacts of having a doula attend your birth. These include:

  • Decrease cesarean rates
  • Decrease need for pain medications
  • Decrease duration of labor
  • Decrease use of pitocin
  • Decrease risk of babies spending time in the NICU
  • Increase satisfaction in your birth experience

Postpartum Doula

Postpartum Doula services begin at $50 an hour, with a minimum package of 8 hours.

A postpartum doula can be a critical part of your postpartum plan and adjustment. This support is highly personalized, with each family’s needs being specifically addressed. These services could include meal preparation and light cooking, light cleaning and home care, emotional support, breastfeeding or formula feeding information and support, infant care, other child care, pet care, running errands, and more.

Jessica has specialized training in mental and emotional health support, and co-leads a Perinatal Mental Health support group. Postpartum Doula services can be an excellent way to prevent or manage any postpartum issues that arise. Jessica has also worked with La Leche League for over two years, and lends this knowledge to parents choosing any feeding option. Breastfeeding can be very difficult, but having the right information and support can make a huge difference. Choosing combination feeding or formula feeding can also be a difficult choice, but having emotional support to make the best choice for your family can make the experience a wonderful and empowering one.