Labor Doula clients:

“I wholeheartedly recommend Jessica as your doula. That is the short version of my 5 star review.

The long version is this – you will not regret hiring her because she is invested in what she does as a doula. She pours her heart and soul into this, and it shows with how diligent and attentive she is with the before and after care. If it’s not obvious from her page or from meeting her, here is a hint: Jessica is passionate about birth and helping women feel known, empowered, and strong during this intense period of pregnancy and giving birth.

Jessica is compassionate, intelligent, empathetic, knowledgeable, and patient. She is all of these things with you, her client. Jessica is on your side and will help you communicate your desired birth plan when the time comes, as well as help you prepare for how things may go differently.

I cannot speak highly enough of Jessica Kent. You cannot go wrong hiring her. Or getting to know her. 5 star character and heart.” Leila B. 

“Jessica is the BEST Doula ever! She is amazing me and really listens. I had a TERRIBLE time clicking with people. Her on the other hand? Easily and quickly clicked.” Jasmine F.

“Jessica was initially the backup doula for me when my primary doula was unavailable, however, she stepped in and made me completely comfortable and advocated well for me.  I specifically asked for her for the birth of my second baby. She is fabulous, knowledgeable, and I would absolutely recommend her.” Lindsay B.

A labor client with a breech baby:

“My experience with Jessica was wonderful. I wish I had her as my doula for my 2 previous (natural) births, but I wasn’t fortunate enough to know her yet. I hired Jessica after she reached out to me on a Facebook post I made searching for a birth doula. We met and she told me all about her service and what to expect in the upcoming months. She was quite thorough. Throughout my pregnancy whenever i messaged her with a question or concern she was quick to offer a response. When the day arrived she was so incredibly helpful. She respected the boundaries I had for personal touch and was calm, clear, and confident in everything she did. When water broke, my amniotic fluid emptied and my baby turned breach. I knew a cesarean was very likely and I was SO SCARED, but Jessica was great at helping me to keep calm with gentle reminders to breathe deeply and peaceful details about cesarean births. We tried to get baby to turn naturally for an hour before I went into the OR. Jessica met back up with me in recovery. Even though she was limited in what she was able to do because of me getting a c section I really believe she made a world of difference for me. I am and will forever be so grateful for her heart for this work and for her assistance in the birth of my third child. I give my highest recommendation in hiring her.” S. M.

A Postpartum client:

“Jessica served us as a postpartum doula in the week immediately following the delivery of our baby daughter. Her presence was invaluable and so timely as she helped me get through some rough stretches in the very tender first few days. She has a servant’s attitude, always looking for ways to care for me, the baby and even our house after all the essentials are taken care of. I wasn’t sure what to expect because this was my first time getting help from a postpartum doula, but I would definitely recommend Jessica to friends in the future.” A.T.

Fellow professionals:

“Jessica has done her homework, she doesn’t just use standard information, but reads the research, looks at what is working, is always looking to learn and share what she has learned in assisting women in the best birth and postpartum experience possible.” Sue V., RN, RNP

“I recently had the pleasure of working with Jessica. She is both professional, knowledgable, and passionate about birth. But, more impressively to me, was her calming presence, her unwavering attention, and deep care for her client in the birthing space.” Meghan C., photographer

“When I think of unconditional support, expert care, and the utmost best for birthing families, I never hesitate to reach out to Jessica Kent. Her families are in the best hands with her by their side to make their unique birth experience the best it can be. When we need additional support, I always know and trust our referrals to her, as a fellow birth professional, will be wild about her care. So thankful families in the Frederick, Montgomery county areas and surrounding regions have such a stellar birth service provider at the ready!” Heather D., doula

“Jessica Kent is experienced and loving. She advocates for her mothers and puts them first. Her experience dates back to her labor and delivery volunteer work in Central America. She has a passion to empower and support mothers in their own birth decisions. I love this lady! Thank you Jessica for all of your advice and support in all things birth and postpartum-related. I would highly recommend her doula services to any family!” Heather L., immigrant advocate

A Gestational Carrier client:

“My experience with Jessica was wonderful. My needs were a bit atypical, as I was surrogate. From the very beginning (pre-natal appointment), Jessica was incredibly knowledgeable and caring. I had done this birth thing before, but she definitely taught me things I didn’t know. Because I was a surrogate, I needed my husband to stay with our daughter while I brought another little girl into the world. Jessica was truly a godsend. She encouraged me to voice my concerns when otherwise I would have just followed instructions. She knew questions to ask while I was in labor that I would have never thought of. I didn’t have the best experience with my OB, and Jessica made a huge difference in how I felt about the whole delivery.

I’ll admit it– as soon as I got to the hospital (at 6 centimeters), I was ready for an epidural. Jessica offered some suggestions and worked with me. It helped me delay the epidural. At a certain point, I had to lay flat on my back, and that pain was unavoidable. I also labored fully, but the baby wouldn’t drop. So I had a c-section. Jessica stayed with me and ensured that I was aware of what was going on. I vividly remember not hearing the baby cry– Jessica must have seen the fear in my eyes, because she very quickly told me that the baby was fine and getting cleaned.

She also stayed with me after the c-section until I was ready to be transferred to my room. As a side note, I went into labor around 2am and birthed the little one at 12:32pm. Jessica stayed with me the whole time. Our post-partum meeting was focused on educating the new parents on baby wearing and what to expect in general. I highly recommend Jessica’s doula services in any and all situations. If you’re a first time mom or not, having a doula is invaluable.” Stephanie G.

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