Similar to my “usual” prenatal, birth, and postpartum support, I am now offering doula support virtually! Childbirth education and preparation, emotional support, advocacy skills, witnessing your labor and offering real time input and advice to you and your partner, and especially the assistance navigating an ever-complex birth healthcare system.  I will be able to teach your spouse/partner many of my hands-on techniques during prenatals, and will share videos and audio recordings to replace the fetal positioning and physical support that I usually offer as best that I can.  We will schedule your prenatal video chats as usual, adding an extra one in to cover hands on tips, and I will be on-call and immediately available when you go into labor to assist you in person at home before you head into the hospital, and virtually once you’re there.  We can get some great positioning work done in person during early labor! (If you’d like the in person support, that is). The postpartum visit will be virtual, unless there is a crisis or great need for physical presence and assistance with infant feeding, etc.

All you’ll need is a screen! I recommend a laptop, as you can see a larger screen and don’t need to hold it while you are moving, but if you don’t have one, a phone screen can work too.

I know that virtual is not the same as in person.  BUT, especially now in these times of rapid change, a complex healthcare system, new risks and things to evaluate… having a birth and healthcare expert with skills and experience on call and available to you whenever you need is SO critical for your birth experience and safety.

Packages will be created to cater to each individual family, and updated as our world continues to change.  Payment plans will be offered and flexible.  Investing in your family’s health, safety, and birth will have unlimited benefit, now more than ever!

Additionally, during this COVID-19 crisis, I am offering free prenatal calls or video chats as much as I’m able.

I am a trained psychological crisis counselor, experienced labor and postpartum doula, and would love to support our birthing community as much as possible during this time of extra stress and changing circumstances. I am very up to date on hospital policies throughout Maryland, and have been studying COVID-19 and it’s OBGYN and birth implications since early February.

Topics I can assist with:
❤️ Adjusting your daily life
🧡 Adjusting your birth and postpartum plans
💛 Hospital and home birth options
💚 Stress, trauma, and nervous system responses and support
💙 General perinatal info such as childbirth education, comfort measures, optimal feta positioning work and Spinning Babies, Hypnosis and Meditation for birth, trauma informed birthing, breastfeeding and bottle feeding info, etc.
💜 Self advocacy skills
🖤 How to support a birthing person as the primary partner
🤍 Prenatal and postpartum mental health support

I am currently on call for a few births, and have daily activities I need to do, but I am able to take quite a few free calls each week and will be working on a pay it forward basis. Please message my page to set up a call!

Sending love and peace and healing. 💖